seeyourise is  a multi-disciplinary firm, with a clear mission of providing innovative solutions to the ever changing sector of customers. with a drive that "if we don't provide products that solve customers needs, then to them we are not innovative" Ivan Nganda - Creatives Director.

Carrying on the mandate from NIG-Solutions, seeyou:rise believes that the most effective way to bring value to it's client is to become a partner. Its therefore envisaged in every project we handle at seeyourise. We see it as an opportunity to transform the clientele mind-set as well as our own, thereby shaping ideas and ensuring a meaningful and enduring impact in society.

Given in today’s highly volatile business environment, there is need for readiness for transformation. As seeyourise, we strongly agree that even a firm at the top of its market must be ready for change if it hopes to stay ahead of its competitors. we re-imagine businesses and meet the competitive challenges of the client’s future needs.

We evidence a strong culture anchored in a clear set of values that enable us to build a dynamic organization capable of making a real difference. Our values continue to fortify everything the firm does to achieve a leading position in the marketplace.
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